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NEW Technology Lets YOU Engage Your
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Now You Can Engage Your Visitors On Complete Autopilot... Because AIWIS Does It All For You

Raving AIWIS User Testimonials

"Incredible. From top to bottom the “Aiwis experience” was mind-blowing. There's plenty of "wannabe" , Pretent “AI” solutions out there, but they tend to be impersonal, hollow shells.
The moment I heard Aiwis actually call my name (yes, literally) and start speaking a personalized, tailored message to me, I knew this would be very different. Craig Crawford has started something truly momentous here.
Let's just hope these things don't become self-aware and turn on us."

Steven Alvey
Steven Alvey

AIWIS is simply mind-blowing. This is Artificial Intelligence at its finest. AIWIS is an interactive system that will super-charge any website. Rev this thing up & watch it in action. It's an absolute masterpiece. Once AIWIS is activated, it will take your visitors by the hand, so to speak, & perform whatever tasks or messages you program it to.
As soon as they first land on your site, AIWIS is there like a loyal employee, greeting & encouraging engagement from your visitors. It's the perfect ambassador to represent you & your brand.
The possibilities here are endless. Pick up AIWIS & watch your conversions & profits soar. AIWIS receives my highest recommendations. Five stars all the way.

George Nieves
George Nieves

I run a highly successful coaching business and the importance of being able to engage with people on a personal level can never be over emphasized.

Being able to do this effectively has always been a manual task. Until now... AIWIS is a game changer and one of the most exciting developments I've seen in the online marketing arena this past decade.

Now it's very possible to engage with people on a personal, one to one level, and do it on a MASS scale! Awesome job guys.

Artificial Intelligence for online marketers has arrived and it's called AIWIS!

John Smith
John Smith

Dear friend,

Now you too can grab your visitors’ attention from the very first second by doing something no other business can.

This letter reveals how YOU can use groundbreaking new technology to ramp up engagement up to a level no-one has ever seen before. If this all sounds a little bit Marty McFly for you then you’d be right.

But before I show you what the hell this is all about, you need to come with me on short mission back to the future (of marketing).

Nobody Wants To Say This Out Loud It…
But Here’s The Really Painful Truth About Poor Website Results…

You can have great content.  An incredible offer.  A ton of traffic.

And your website can still fail.

Because there’s one thing you don’t have.


You can’t control what your customer does.  You can’t control how they consume your content.

And that’s where things can go VERY BADLY WRONG.

And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It... Until Now

It’s not your customer’s fault.  They’re people just like you and me.

The problem is, you KNOW how your content should be consumed.

You KNOW that if someone’s visiting your site for the first time, they should read your best blog posts.

You KNOW that if someone’s come back to your site after doing that, it’s a good time for them to look at your offer.

Ideally, you’d be in the room with every user.  You’d be there to guide them and greet them by name.  You’d be able to engage them and deliver a completely personalised experience that makes them feel special.

And That Used To Be Impossible... But Now You CAN Be In The Room With EVERYONE Who Visits Your Website, And Cash In With More Leads And More Sales

Just imagine this...

Dave from Brooklyn just clicked a link in an e-mail that sent him to your website.

He’s expecting just another blog.  But not this time.  Because you’re using AIWIS.

And that means this time, AIWIS greets him, like the smiling concierge at a top hotel.

“Hey Dave!  Great to see you.  How’s the weather in New York?  Hey, you’re here for the first time, so how about you look at these posts to get you started?”

Now, 2 things have happened.

  • You have Dave’s complete, undivided attention. This website just called him by name and gave him a suggestion personally tailored to him. This is pretty special.
  • Dave’s now far more likely to actually do what AIWIS suggested... because you’ve not left him to fumble around in the dark. You’ve given him a guiding hand.

This Is How A Website SHOULD Treat Its Visitors

Like real people.

Not like they’re all the same.

The more you can deliver an individually tailored service, the more likely you are to get the action you want.  Whether that’s more engagement, a social share, a lead, or even a sale.

And now, your website can do this.  Automatically deliver a personalised experience for your users.

And sure, it sounds like black magic.  But this is science.  It’s cutting-edge technology, and it’s available to you.

Time to buckle up, because this is where we meet the future. Let me introduce you to your new best friend.

Meet Aiwis

The World’s Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence Website Interaction System

AIWIS (pronounced AY-WISS) is how you give EVERY visitor a personalised experience and create a HUGE amount of engagement in your content.

He’s like an Alexa for your website, guiding your visitors so they do what you WANT them to do, and engage with your content in the way that gets the best results.

AIWIS is super friendly, impossible not to like, and he’ll never have a bad day at the office. He’ll work away happily for you 24/7, and never ask for a wage, or a day off.

He just wants to help you succeed, and he can’t wait to meet you.

“Artificial Intelligence Website Interaction System”

It sounds complicated…

And creating AIWIS was…

But now he’s alive and kicking, setting him to work couldn’t be easier.

  • Someone clicks a link from an email you’ve sent, or from a Facebook post or ad.
  • AIWIS looks up your visitors’ information that is freely passed on via your autoresponder or Facebook account.
  • AIWIS greets your new visitor by name the moment they arrive, and then proceeds to carry out your instructions for them.

Build More Engagement:

With AIWIS you can personalise your marketing, and build a fun relationship directly with your website visitors, keeping them engaged, and moving through your site, your content, and your sales funnel.

Get Better Results:

The attention AIWIS brings websites is everything, but it’s just the beginning because once AIWIS has your prospects attention he goes to work on making more sales, capturing more leads, and even getting more shares for your content.

Deep Funnel & Content Exploration:

AIWIS remembers! He remembers the last time your customer visited, or if they’ve never visited at all. And he can direct them to the best content, and offers available for them, including one-time offers, and special offers that are time-limited depending on their personal location and time zone!

Multiple Marketing Messages:

AIWIS is super-intelligent, he knows your visitors don’t all want to see the same content. He’s not a pop up that will annoy the hell out of people by doing the same thing every time they visit. Instead, depending on who they are and what they NEED to know, you can make AIWIS change up his marketing message to impress, entertain, and drive action.

Enhance Your Brand With AIWIS’s Visitor Support:

It’s easy for AIWIS to direct visitors to your support channels if that’s what you want him to do… and it’s all the small personalized touches like this that will create a massive WOW FACTOR and build your brand and reputation overnight.

AIWIS Will Make Your Website His Home, But There’s No Software To Download Or Install.

Adding AIWIS to your family is as easy as copying and pasting a script into your website, or WordPress installation.

It’s easy, it’s instant, it’s AIWIS 😉

  • Give AIWIS his body - Log in to our AIWIS creator. Choose the face you want AIWIS to have, then choose his voice, there are male, female, adult and children’s voices to choose from, and then choose your language from our extensive language database.
  • Give AIWIS his personality - this is where you’ll get to create the personalized messages you want AWAIS to deliver.
  • Give AIWIS his orders - By copying and pasting simple shortcodes you can set up individual tasks for AIWIS to carry out. It’s super easy to do. You simple type your message, and add short codes for specific actions and AIWIS comes to life.

There’s No Limits To What You Can Do With AIWIS – Simple Shortcodes Let You Create Programs In Minutes

We call them ‘programs’, but you don’t need to know any code.  It’s more like just making a list.

Check out the video here to see how easy it is:


And when you’ve got him up and running, AIWIS makes your site give you more:

AIWIS Gets You More Engagement

With AIWIS on your team, you can turn visitors into fans, fans into followers, and followers into your own personal cult.  With AIWIS always helpfully pointing out your best content and guiding new visitors around your site, you’re in full control of the customer experience.

AIWIS Gets You More Leads

You don’t have to rely on your visitors noticing your opt-in form any more. AIWIS can ask them to sign up personally. And when your site is already referring to them by name... well, what do they have to lose?

 AIWIS Gets You More Sales

Imagine being able to deliver a different sales pitch to your customers based on where they came from.  AIWIS can do that.  Imagine being able to draw a customer’s attention immediately to a special offer that’s appeared since the last time they browsed your website.  AIWIS can do that too.



Facebook User Information Acquisition Update -

Take action right here, right now today. And receive our next update

100% FOR FREE!

When you grab Aiwis today you’ll be grandfathered into the automatic updates.

We’re going to integrate Aiwis with Facebook for even more long-term,
high value benefits!

We’re going to be obtaining information from Facebook to give your visitors a MEGA “WOW-Experience”

Imagine coming to a webpage and Aiwis being able to speak with them
show their interests, name & other cool information!



Autoresponder User Information Acquisition update:

Imagine coming to a webpage and Aiwis being able to speak with them
show their interests, name & other cool information!

  • Into emailing?
  • Affiliate Marketing?
  • Solo Ads?
  • Customer Update?

Imagine you send an email to your email list…
They click the link… & *POOF!*

Aiwis can welcome them by name to ANY page,post website you desire...

Take A Look Inside AIWIS At His Powerful Engagement Features

  • AIWIS-HQ! As the admin you get to decide on the flow of the messages and offers the your visitors see and hear based on their activities on your website.
  • AIWIS-DO! Control what AIWIS does with simple short codes and copy and paste ease.
  • AIWIS Interactive! AIWIS might not be much in the body department, but you’ve got a selection of male and female faces to choose from to capture the attention of your market and make AIWIS your own.
  • AIWIS Mobile! AIWIS works on mobile and tablet just as well as he does on desktop. So wherever your traffic’s coming from, AIWIS is ready to engage.
  • AIWIS Speak! Choose from a selection of childlike voices, and adult voices in both Male and Female to give AIWIS real character.
  • AIWIS Fashionista! Set AIWIS’s colour scheme to match your branded in just a couple of clicks.
  • AIWIS Goes Native! Choose from an extensive language database and make sure AIWIS charms your audience in their native tongue.
  • AIWIS Collects! Set AIWIS to ask for the name and email of your audience, and he’ll add them directly to your autoresponder and keep a copy in your AIWIS program.
  • AIWIS Shhhh! Maybe AIWIS is NSFW or maybe your visitor has a migraine, if that’s the case then they have a simple control for mute AIWIS, (… and unmute him too when they feel bad!)
  • AIWIS Repeat! AIWIS has a lot of vital information to pass on and offers to sell, so he makes it easy for your website visitors to repeat anything they might have missed.
  • AIWIS Sells! Set up 1-click special offers for AIWIS to sell for you, and then let him get to work!
  • AIWIS Knows Best! AIWIS never forgets a face (or an IP address!) so he always knows who has visited, from where, and what pages they last visited, and you can harness this information to make your customers viewing experience personal, memorable, and we hope VERY profitable.

I run a highly successful coaching business and the importance of being able to engage with people on a personal level can never be over emphasized.

Being able to do this effectively has always been a manual task. Until now... AIWIS is a game changer and one of the most exciting developments I've seen in the online marketing arena this past decade.

Now it's very possible to engage with people on a personal, one to one level, and do it on a MASS scale! Awesome job guys.

Artificial Intelligence for online marketers has arrived and it's called AIWIS!

John Smith
John Smith

AIWIS blew my mind, the simplicity and power the same time, makes this the best AI Software on the market right now, is everything you need to engage customers and make them buy!
Great works folks

Luan Henrique Casagrande
Luan Henrique Casagrande

Aiwis is my best friend!
It's the best interactive tool that I’ve
EVER had the pleasure of having.
Aiwis works almost like an autoresponder
for my website! It's incredible.
The members area/user interface is so so
simple to use.
I'm in love!
Great work you Aiwis Interactive guys <3

Amilie Larson
Amilie Larson
Want AIWIS On YOUR Team?

You can’t put a price on attention, but if you make a single sale thanks to the massive engagement AIWIS brings you then he’s paid for himself.

Especially, when take AIWIS home today, because by investing during this launch you get to own a slice of the future for much less than the public will be paying…

XX% less to be exact.

AIWIS Is 100% Guaranteed To Boost Engagement Or Your Money Back

Here’s the deal:

Add AIWIS to your website today, let him do his thing for the next 30 days, and if you don’t see a massive boost to your engagement then you’ll be refunded in full without question or delay.

Personalize Your Website With AIWIS Today And Get The Attention You Deserve

Engagement is everything.

No engagement. No Action.

No Action. No traction.

No traction. Bye-Bye business.

And the gold standard of engagement is personal.

AWAIS provides you with the worlds most advanced, and powerful website AI to blow your visitors away the moment they set foot on your website.

By truly personalizing their viewing experience you’ll put yourself light years ahead of your competition, and you’ll finally start getting the action, traction, and results you deserve.

But you must act today, AIWIS is going to be in hot demand, and the moment this launch ends the price will rise to $127.00, PER MONTH but if you act today, and test out AIWIS on your website you can do so 100% risk free and for a single one-time low price of just $37 for 5 site deployment and $47 for UNLIMITED Site deployment & and just as a special offer.. We're giving you Aiwis Unlimited PLUS Developers rights for ONLY: $67

Welcome to the Future. This is AIWIS. Your new best friend.

How does AIWIS know my customer’s name? +

AIWIS is passed information from the autoresponder (if your customer arrived through an e-mail link) or from Facebook (if they didn’t).  So when you use the [NAME] shortcode in your AIWIS message, it’ll just be replaced witht he actual name of your prospect.

What if we don’t have that information? +

In that case, AIWIS is smart enough to just skip it.  So rather than being greeted with ‘Hey Dave, how’s it going?’, AIWIS will just say ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ instead.

OK, that sounds pretty easy. And AIWIS won’t just repeat the same thing every time? +

Not unless you want him to!  You can have AIWIS deliver different messages based on past visitor behaviour.

Here’s a neat way you can use this:

Let’s say you’ve got AIWIS on a sales page.  Someone came and didn’t buy, but now they’ve come back, maybe from a retargeting ad.

AIWIS can detect this, amd you can have him say:

Hey [NAME], great to see you back!  I hope it’s a great day in [LOCATION].

I see you visited [PAGE] last time you were here, so now I’d like to give you a special offer.  Right now it’s [TIME], and for the next 17 minutes you can use this special discount code...

Your customer’s getting a personalised greeting AND a personalised offer... all thanks to AIWIS.

Does AIWIS work on mobile as well? +

Yes he does.  AIWIS works great on desktop, mobile and tablet pages, so whatever device your viewer is using, AIWIS will be there to guide them.

Does AIWIS only speak English? +

Nope.  Just add a simple script to your page and you’re done.

How do I install AIWIS on my website? Do I have to mess around with servers? +

AIWIS is multi-lingual.  There’s 45 languages you can pick from, so wherever your audience is from, you can make sure AIWIS is talking in a way they understand.

If the whole Skynet thing kicks off, whose side is AIWIS on? +

That’s the great thing about AIWIS.  He’s always on your side, even when the machines rise up.

AIWIS seems really nice, would it hurt his feelings if I just tried him out for a few days before committing? +

Of course you can.  Try AIWIS out for 30 days – if he’s not for you, he’ll pack his bags and you can get a full refund.  Not that it’ll matter, because we’re sure you’re going to get on.

Do I have to take action now? +

You don’t HAVE to, but you’ll get a far better deal when you hit the button today.  Right now, AIWIS is a one-time payment of $37.  In a few days, that’ll be going up to $XXX.

That’s a pretty good deal! +

You bet it is.  Get your licence by clicking the button below now: