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Hi again,

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As you’re aware by now, AIWIS is going to be a complete game-changer when it comes to how websites engage their visitors…

AIWIS really is going to revolutionize how your visitors engage with your sites, leading to an avalanche of leads, sales and profits.

We’ve also created AIWIS to be so intuitive to set up and use, you don’t need any training whatsoever.

BUT, we’ve noticed a common problem:

Many people will buy AIWIS 2.0… BUT will never utilize it to its maximum potential. Why?

We KNOW how you feel!

We’ve been there…

We wish we had a group of likeminded entrepreneurs backing us up when we started!

People who would share their knowledge and expertise

People who we could ask for advice

People we can talk to when we would get stuck

Not a day passes by without one of us getting messages from website owners and
marketers asking us for help or for coaching.

We have our own businesses to run, so we simply cannot help everyone individually….

And, for one on one coaching, we charge $997+ for a one hour session… something we know most people can’t afford when starting out.

Many people will buy AIWIS 2.0… BUT will never utilize itto its maximum potential. Why?

The AIWIS Academy is a support group where you will get access to bi-weekly coaching calls…

We Can Give You Group Coaching By Setting Up The AIWIS Academy!

Along with your fellow marketers and entrepreneurs, you will learn how to maximize
to its highest potential, and squeeze out every drop of sales and profits
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How we use AIWIS to sell products on our websites for maximum conversions

How we use AIWIS to tap into the viral nature of social media platforms

How we structure our AIWIS Behavior Trails which are proven to bring in optimal engagement from your visitors

How we construct our call to actions so they result in sky-high opt-ins and sales

How we use the Dynamic Language Intelligence aspect of AIWIS to dramatically lower ad spend

And much, much more…

Join Our Academy And Never Feel Alone Again. Ask Any Question, Ask For Our Advice, Ask Us What We Would Do In A Situation..

We Will Show You The Tactics, Methods And Strategies That WillHelp You Explode Your Profits!

Think about it……….

We’ve designed AIWIS to be completely intuitive, and even a newbie can be up and running in under 10 minutes…

However, wouldn’t it be fantastic to have access to people who have alreadyspent 2 years testing AIWIS on various websites?

People who have done all the trial and error, so you don’t have to?

People who can tell you what actually works, so you can simply copy and paste

Join the AIWIS Academy, and in less than a week from now, YOU will be on your road
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Keep in mind: This is NOT an essential upgrade

AIWIS is designed to be so intuitive, even technophobes can simply follow the easy instructions within the AIWIS dashboard, and be up and running in under 10 minutes…

However, AIWIS Academy will allow you to

remove all the testing, trial and error

implement only proven-to-work AIWIS strategies

squeeze out the MAXIMUM number of leads, shares, sales and profits from your sites!

Now, we could easily charge $97 per month for this…BUT instead…We decided to make it affordable to ANYONE who has bought AIWIS, and we’ve dropped it to the very LOW entry level price of just $39.

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