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Dear AIWIS user,

Thanks again for investing. You should be really excited.

You haven’t just invested in your future, by investing in the world’s most advanced website AI, you’ve invested in THE FUTURE.

So imagine a future where thanks to AIWIS, you’re pulling in a regular 6-figure income… where the only money problems you ever have are how to spend it… and where every day is yours to live however you damned well please.

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“You Want To Know The Real Secret To Making 6 Figures Or More Online?

Create your own products.

No, not cheap-ass throwaway info products.

Not even cheap-ass software.

I’m talking about REAL SOFTWARE. The kind of software people rely on daily. That’s where the big bucks are.

Because SUCCESS is all about solving people’s problems, and in 2017, you solve problems with software.

After all, why did you buy AIWIS? You bought it because it solved a problem for you.

Every day AIWIS solves the problem of website engagement. And that’s HUGE problem to solve.

And, as more and more people come online with their businesses, more and more people will need this problem solved. And who’s there waiting to help? AIWIS.

That’s why REAL software, like AIWIS, is the kind of software that’ll make you really big bucks.

Here’s the simple truth:

“Everyone NEEDS More Engagement, More Leads And Better Conversions.

It’s how I’ve personally sold over [7-figures] in just [TIME].[RESULTS]

Selling software that can solve problems, on a daily basis, is your golden ticket to big business online.  End of.

So why isn’t everyone doing it?

The ONLY Thing Holding Others Back From Creating 6-Figure Incomes Is This…

Creating software isn’t easy.

  • First you need to do a load of market research… if you’ve ever thought about trying to research the future of website AI I don’t recommend it! But you have to do it, because nothing sucks so much as investing a ton of cash into some software and then finding out no-one wants to buy it!
  • Then, unless you’re a super-nerd with a Ph.D. in Programming, you need to get it built. This costs a TON of money to pay developers.
  • Oh, did I mention… developers are RUBBISH at stuff like user interface, so that’s another set of skills you’ve got to buy in.
  • And when you’ve got all that done, you need to pay a load of testers to find all the bugs (because believe me, there will be bugs)

The fact is, it can take MONTHS to develop a top-selling piece of software.

Even if you’re lucky enough to come up with great idea… it takes a large cash injection just to get your idea off the ground.  $10,000 and 6 months of hard work and anxiety is the BARE MINIMUM you should be considering if you’re going to get software coded from scratch.

I love AIWIS, but I swear he’s almost killed me 10 times over.

“But what if I could give you a shortcut?

What If, TODAY, You Could Have A State-Of-The-Art Piece Of Software That People Are GUARANTEED To Want?

I’ve spent over [TIME] making AIWIS the world’s most advanced Website A.I.

He’s now one of the most powerful tools on the market for creating website engagement, and driving more sales and leads… which is why we’ve made him a subscription product.

Because with 3 billion people online increasing to 4 billion in the next couple of years, we’re MORE than excited about the future.

And today, a few lucky people are about to be granted special access to our reseller system… but the thing about this reseller system is this:

You Can Sell AIWIS And KEEP 100% Of The Profits.

Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up to become an official AIWIS reseller and we give you a unique 100% affiliate link.
  • You use your link to show AIWIS to your customers and prospects for $37/month
  • When they buy you keep all the profits.

And here’s what we do:

  • We take care of all the software development
  • We take care of all the customer service
  • We take care all the sales materials including sales videos, sales letters, banners, and more.

Here’s a Little Sneak-Peak At At JUST SOME Of The Amazing Updates On Our Next Application Upgrade You’re Going To Receive:

 #1 – Aiwis Desktop Notifications

Imagine Aiwis being able to speak on peoples home desktops and mobile phones!?

Popping up whenever you wish to send them a personalised message much like the way Facebook works with their notifications!!

Cool, Right?!

Whether you’re trying to add value, make a sale, grow your following…
You name it… This is all possible with this very clever, next generation technology.

2 – Aiwis Interface Changes

Change The Way Aiwis Looks & Feels!

We are currently working behind the scenes so you can have your very own version of Aiwis that runs congruently with your website if you wish!

Meaning that you don’t just have to have our stylish, futuristic pink or blue. You can change the colouring yourselves!

3 – Aiwis Video Playing Capabilities

Play a video inside Aiwis’s Face!

That’s right, we’re working on a way for Aiwis to be a video player!
Imagine conversing with your own version of Aiwis & your visitor

You could:

  • Host a sales video
  • Play a demonstration video
  • Show a support video
  • Play an introduction
  • Play ANY video you like! And MORE!

4 Emotion Timeline Tagging

When you write Aiwis’s messages, we’re going to allow you to add Aiwis’s emotions to run along-side the message.

Drag and drop each emotion along the timeline of your message to show just how personal and engaging Aiwis can truly be

Here’s a Little Sneak-Peak At At JUST SOME Of The Amazing Updates On Our Next Application Upgrade You’re Going To Receive:

  • Proven seller with huge future: You already know AIWIS sells like hot cakes, and it’s only going to get better as more and more people turn to Website AI… so get in on the ground floor.
  • Unlimited resellable licences: Keep the price @37/month and your upside is unlimited, because you can sell as many subscriptions of AIWIS as you like, and keep all the profits.
  • No support problems: all support questions get directed back to our support desk, where our professional team will take care of them
  • Access online and offline customers: both are going to be beating down your door to get their hands on this.
  • Professional sales copy and video: We’ve already taken care of the sales copy, and sales video, so all you need to do is link to it, and we’ll take care of the sale.
  • Unprecedented growth potential: There are currently around 3-billion people online, while more and more people have personal and business websites… but that number is set to increase by 1 billion in the next 2.5 years! That’s 25% growth and a lot of new websites.

“And That’s Not All…

We’ll Help You Get Started Making Money Even If You’ve Never Sold Software In Your Life.

You couldn’t find an easier sales system.

We’re giving you the lemons, the lemonade, and we’re even helping you build the stall too.

There are so many different channels in which you can make sales, that we’ve created a simple 3-stage marketing suite to help you target as many channels as you like.

  • STAGE 1

    Full Spectrum AIWIS Reseller Training: Dip into this every time you want to dominate a new marketing channel and we’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do to start making sales.


  • Facebook… turn the world’s most popular social media platform into your personal sales generator.
  • YouTube… with over 1 billion users and some of the cheapest ads you’ll find anywhere online YouTube is a great place to start making serious profits with AIWIS.
  • Affiliate Marketing & List Building… this is actually two separate trainings, but we recommend you use them in tandem to build a strong and secure passive income.
  • Video Marketing… when done right, Video is the world’s most profitable marketing strategy bar none. This is how to do it right.
  • PLUS, the social media people should be using but aren’t… WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram - these are still untapped reserves of massive sustained wealth, and they’re so easy to get started with often for absolutely nothing. Get in now, and dominate for years to come.
  • STAGE 2

    AIWIS Reseller Software Suite: Take your AIWIS sales to the next level with a selection of professional marketing tools.


  • Video Converter… [link broken, don’t know what this is?]
  • Lead Grabber.… [no details: guessing] Lead Grabber makes finding new leads easy. Developed for B2B marketers, and adapted for AIWIS users, finding leads is now as easy as running a web-search!
  • Page Builder… [No details: guessing] As your AIWIS empire grows so will your page needs, so we’ve included a professional drag and drop page builder for you to create just about any kind of page you can imagine… simply choose a proven template and customize it for your audience.
  • Website Tracker & Conversion Tool… [No details: guessing] track and measure every visit, every click, and every sale with heat maps, scroll maps, and deep-dive metrics that help you optimise your business for massive growth.
  • STAGE 3

    Rapid Expansion: We’ve included a selection of highly targeted and proven resources to help rapidly expand your AIWIS sales from day one.

Resources included:

  • Solo Ad Rolodex… hands-down the fastest, easiest way to send floods of highly targeted traffic to your offers, and we’ve got the master list of the world’s best Solo Ad sellers sitting here waiting for you to use. (Top tip: you can also use this service to build huge amount of leads practically overnight, and that’s why these next two resources are so valuable…)
  • List Building… use our custom made “lead hooks”, and opt-in guides to increase your conversions by up to 300% - and build your own secondary business outside of the AIWIS platform.
  • Email Marketing… … if you’ve decided on building your own list, that’s smart, use this resource to help you find the right tools and services to get you selling via email.

These 150 Licences Will Not Be Available Again

We’ve only created 150 licences, and once this launch is over and we have our small group of AIWIS affiliates all our efforts will be going into making sure they’re profitable. We hope you’re one of them.

In case you’re thinking getting 100% profits from a pre-built, high-demand software sounds a little too good to be true, you’d be right.

Most people will never even SEE an opportunity like this, let alone have the chance to invest in it.

But that’s why we’ve limited it to only 150 fast thinking entrepreneurs… because we figure you are the kind of person we want promoting AIWIS… getting him out into the wild where he’ll thrive. Remember, as more people use AIWIS, the more powerful he gets, the more peole will want to buy him.

Would You Like To Choose Your Monthly Income?

You can sell AIWIS as a monthly subscription every day of the week and you’ll ALWAYS receive 100% of the sale.

Imagine selling just one copy of AIWIS each day of the month for $37, here’s what that looks like:

Month 1: $37 x 30 Sales = $1,110

Month 2: $37 x 30 Sales = $1,110 + $1,110 Recurring

Month 3: $37 x 30 Sales = $1,110 + $2,220 Recurring

Month 4: $37 x 30 Sales = $1,110 + $3,330 Recurring

Month 5: $37 x 30 Sales = $1,110 + $4,440 Recurring

Month 6: $37 x 30 Sales = $1,110 + $5,550 Recurring

In 6 months you’ve made $23,310 and will have a monthly passive income of $6,600


12 months at just one sale a day and your monthly passive income could balloon to… $12,010/month - and you could be sitting on stack of profits totalling $86,820.

That’s $98,830 in your first year!

Month 13… and you’ve just cleared 100k in EASY, AUTOMATED PROFITS.

And remember, you don’t even have to support the product, or the customer, we do all of that for you.

Pretty cool, right?

Are You Ready To Take Massive Action?

Because That’s What It Takes To Succeed In Business Today.

The good news is… massive action is all you need to take, because we’ve done everything else for you.

We’ve create a high-demand software desired by the world’s hottest niches…

We’ve given you the tools to make the sale…

We’ve given you the training you need to make the sale...

We’ve even given you 100% of the profits for every sale you make…

All you need to do is decide what you want to do?

Keep doing what you have been doing, and slowly progressing towards some kind of safety and security in life… or take this bull by the horns and fight your way to the very top of the food chain with an passive income that could reach into the hundreds of thousands in no time at all.

Everything is set for you to take action.

The rest is on you.

All the best,[Sign off]


Welcome to the Future. This is AIWIS. Your new best friend.

How does the reseller licence work?

It’s really easy. You sign up and we’ll give you a special link. When people click the link and buy you’ll get 100% of the sale.

What are the typical results? Obviously, the numbers in this letter are hypothetical.

We don’t know, AIWIS hasn’t been around long enough.  What we do know is that there’s always a huge opportunity when you’re on the cutting edge of something new, and we believe in the potential of AIWIS – we wouldn’t have spent all that money developing him if we didn’t!  But remember, you’re not locked in at all here – try being an AIWIS reseller for a month.  If it doesn’t work for you, just cancel, and we’ll refund your payment, no harm no foul.

What rights do I get?

You have the right to sell AIWIS as many times as you like.

What price do I sell AIWIS for?

We maintain the price at $37/month and that’s because we’ve tested this price and determined it the optimal price to make enough sales to build a significant passive income in the shortest amount of time possible.

When can I start selling?

As soon as you’re ready. You might want to familiarise yourself with the members’ area first, there are some really neat tips and tricks in there to help accelerate your sales, and also build a robust business around AIWIS. But if you want to head out later today and start selling AIWIS we see no reason to stand in your way.

What happens if I miss out on this deal?

The good news is the world does not end. The bad news is it stays the same…and that might be worse. This is a unique opportunity to skip straight past all the setbacks and failures that most people have to endure to get even close to something like this in their lives… It’s entirely your choice, but time is of the essence.

There’s No Second Opportunities. It’s Today Or Never.

Real-life golden opportunities never come around twice. Fast thinking, fast acting marketers see them and jump on the until they’re all gone.

But TODAY is your golden opportunity.

This is YOUR CHANCE to build a massive passive income, with zero stress, and at an EXTREMELY GENEROUS price.

But this is your ONLY chance to pick this deal up.

If you miss out… tough.  This deal is ONLY for people who can take MASSIVE action.

So ACT NOW to lock in your licence.  Click below and you’ll be ready to start selling one of the hottest products in marketing.

Keeping ALL the glory and ALL the profit.