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Aiwis 2.0 Ambition Club (AAC)
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Big data is big business, and access to this kind of data currently sells for hundreds of dollars a month. Now you can access a global database of subscribers and customers for a fraction of the costs…

This Is True Future-Proofing…

If You’re Serious About Staying Streets Ahead Of Your Competition,
Not Just In 2018, But For YEARS To Come,
THIS Is The Solution

Aiwis 2.0 Ambition Club (AAC)
No Thanks! I dont want to upgrade my copy account.

Hi again,

And thank you once more for becoming an early adopter of AIWIS 2.0.

As you’re aware by now, AIWIS is going to be a complete game-changer when it comes to how websites engage their visitors…

In the next few years, every website will have artificial intelligence installed, but by the time your competitors catch on, you’ll be miles ahead!

As you now know, AIWIS allows you to gather your visitors’ information, either from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or your own autoresponder service….

AIWIS will also record if your visitor has visited your site before, and what actions they previously took on your site …

AIWIS will then automatically store all this data in our cloud servers.

This means that, whenever someone comes to your website, you can engage them in a truly personalized way to keep them super-glued to your website.

But just imagine if your AIWIS could not only access the part of our cloud database that holds just your visitors…

What If AIWIS Gave You Access To Every Visitor, Subscriber Or Customer That’s Visited ANY Website In The World That Had AIWIS Installed?

AIWIS Advance Club allows you to access a global network of websites that have installed AIWIS (20,000 websites and counting) so…

Now your website can recognize a new visitor,
even if they came from an organic search,
(instead of social media or your autoresponder) …

This Is The Next Level Up In Terms Of WOW Factor!

That’s not all you get when you join AIWIS Advance Club:

Instant Automated Access To A Globalized AIWIS Database

In the very near future, this kind of data sharing will be the norm, but then you will have to pay a whole lot more for this kind of valuable data.
Current CRM platforms charge at least $97 per month, and that’s just access to your own customer data.
We’re giving you access to a global centralized data center!

Unlimited AIWIS Upgrades

we want you to STAY ahead.
Join AIWIS Advance Club today, and we’ll make sure you have immediate access to every single new function or capability we add to AIWIS.
Not only that, we’ll release training, free of charge, to ensure you understand every new function, and how to utilize it to its fullest potential.
Let us help you stay on top of all the newest advancements in web artificial intelligence, future-proofing your websites, so you’re always wiping the floor with your competition!

New Monthly AIWIS Skins And Avatars

We’ll also be adding new skins and avatars in different niches, from cookery to electrician, car sales to finance, dentistry, plumbers, crypto…
In fact, you could even suggest new skins you would like us to add. Now your visitors will never get tired of your website!

Dominate Social Media With AIWIS Training

You already know that AIWIS is clever enough to pull in personal information from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to create a bespoke experience for your website visitors.
However, our training will show you how to exploit AIWIS to its maximum capabilities on these 3 social media platforms, so you get an avalanche of visitors, leads, subscribers and sales.
This training has a real world value of $XXXX, but as an early adopter of AIWIS 2.0, we’ll gladly show you how to crush social media marketing in 2018!

AIWIS is an artificial intelligence marketing machine that can gather your visitors’ information, send bespoke messages, keep them super-glued to your website, and convert them into leads, subscribers, sales and profits…

But with AIWIS Advance Club, get ready for even MORE





Not just in 2018, but for YEARS to come!

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AIWIS alone will revolutionize your website visitor engagement,
leading to a flood of sales and profits

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Join AIWIS Advance Club and get access to:

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You’ll be grandfathered in at the founder member pricing and NEVER pay more than $XX per month for the lifetime of the membership – even when the price rises for new members (and it will).

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Aiwis 2.0 Ambition Club (AAC)
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