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How Can You Boost Email Click-Through Rates By 42% INSTANTLY?

You Already Have The Power Of PersonalisationOn Your Website With AIWIS …

Now, Harness It For Your Email Marketing Campaigns!

THIS ‘Personalisation Persuasion’ Software Will Generate 571% Extra Sales From Your Current Email List And 26% Higher Open Rates

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Now that you can personalize the experience of your website visitors,
let us show you how to WOW your subscribers with ultra-personalized emails, designed to turbo boost CTR rates and sales!

CaptiPic is the only software that allows you to send personalized email images to EVERY SINGLE one of your subscribers, designed to capture their attention, and keep them glued to your offers …….

Hi again for the last time,

Once you install AIWIS on your website, you will have the most powerful website marketing machine at your disposal.

Why are we so confident?

Kissmetrics found that personalizing your marketing with just the user’s name raises engagement across almost every industry by 42%!

That’s just by using a visitor’s name…

With AIWIS, you’ll have names, locations, time-zones, what a visitor did previously on your site and so much more…

You are going to blow away your visitors with the level of personalization you are going to give them…

And they will reward you with sky-high engagement, opt-ins, shares and sales!

But what if we told you that you could harness the full power of personalization for your emails too?

Savvy Email Marketers Learnt Several Years Ago That Personalization Was The Key To Making Emails Stand Out In A Full Inbox

It’s Why Well-Known Email Marketing Platforms, Such As AWeber, Allow You To Personalize Emails With A Subscriber’s Name

Personalization is so important in today’s world, even the very famous Frank Kern, a HUGE multi-millionaire and a very successful marketer, has tapped into it:

Notice how he’s used the subscriber’s name in the subject line and the email body?

Frank Kern is known for making millions of dollars online by selling information.

He’s also very good at automated marketing and giving that bespoke feel when anyone receives his messages…

But what’s really grabbing your attention here? YES! He’s also managed to put the subscriber’s name, Gaurab, onto a whiteboard!! How did he do that??

Personalized Subject Lines Was How You Grabbed A Subscriber’s Attention Back In 2015…

Personalized Email IMAGES Is How You Grab A
Subscriber’s Attention In 2018…

CaptiPic Is A Cloud-Based Email Personalization App
That Allows You To Create Unique Custom Images
That Dynamically Change To Suit Each Email Recipient

Choose From 20 Premade Templates, And Many Fonts…
You Simple Can’t Go Wrong!

But wait! It doesn’t end there!

Use You Own Photos Of You, Your Team, Or Any Person (Or Object) You Like!

You don’t need to stick to our pre-made templates. Just imagine a visitor opting in to receive your free eBook, or making a purchase. They go to their inbox, and they see something like this:

Would this grab their attention? Of course it would!
Are they likely to remember your brand in the future, and subconsciously scan their inbox and spot your emails? YES!

CaptiPic Allows You To Personalize ANY Image Or Photo,So You Can Send Unique, Personalized Emails To Each Lead, Subscriber & Customer!

These are just 2 scenarios. There are many ways you can use CaptiPic to personalize the experience for each and every person on your marketing list….

Your subscribers will reward you with:

26% more emails opened

42% higher click-through-rates

571% boost in sales!

In Just 2 Steps:

Step One

Create CaptiPic Image and Generate Code

Step Two

Add Code To Followup In Email AutoResponder

However, This Is The Route To Take For Squeezing Out The Maximum Amount Of Profits, By Giving Your Visitors A Personalized Experience Right Inside Their Inbox, And Not Just On Your Website!

Personalizing your email & marketing campaigns is the proven way to massively increase your sales, email open rates and click-through rates…

CaptiPic is a successful product in its own right, and currently sells for $270.

But, because we want to thank you for supporting AIWIS 2.0, we want to give you the perfect one-two “personalization” punch that will bring you a torrent of engagement, clicks, sales and, of course, profits!

So, just for AIWIS adopters, we’re giving you access to CaptiPic for just $37 per month.

Click the Access button below and add
CaptiPic to your order….

Captipic Personalization Tool


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Aiwis's 2.0 Capitpic - The ultimate personalisation tool

Captipic Personalization Suite


Per Year

Aiwis's Captipic – The Ultimate Personalisation Suite

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