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Revolutionary: MORE LEADS, MORE SALES, MORE ENGAGEMENT! Turn Your Website Into A Sales Pumping Machine

Deploy Your Next Generation Video Avatars In Less Than 4 Minutes And Watch As They Interact & Engage Website Visitors On a Personal Level, Guiding Them Through Every Step & Action You Desire For More Subscribers, Sales & Commissions!

Turbo-boost your optins, leads, affiliate income, ad revenue or product sales overnight!

Dynamically switch to your visitor’s language to send optins, ad clicks and sales through the roof!

Avatars can play, pause and resume videos and guide your visitors to take action

Turn your website into a “sales pumping engine” that Facebook and Google love!

Get It For Just $79.00 per month $27 – One Time Payment!


Aiwis Commercial Licence

No tech skills or coding. Paste one line of text to deploy your intelligent avatar in seconds!

Works on any device and browser, including mobile!

100% cloud based. Nothing to download, ever!

And It Works!

Look how our sales exploded just by adding
this incredible avatar technology to one website…

Here’s one of our websites before using Aiwis, converting at 3.5%…

Now look at the dramatic sales boosting results after we added Aiwis to the site…
Our conversion rate jumped by 7% and we generated 4 x more sales… just by adding Aiwis to the site!

Allows you to quickly create
talking video avatars for your website…

Converting any text you want into realistic voice, in 25 languages…

Addressing your visitors by first name, location, local time…

Displaying different messages and content based on their past behaviors…

Dynamically switching to their native language…

Automatically playing and pausing videos and a whole lot more…

Turning any struggling website into a list building, lead generating, sales—pumping machine that no other technology can.

This is the future of website video avatars and your golden ticket to more optins, leads and sales than you ever imagined possible. And there’s more. Keep reading to see everything this revolutionary new technology can do for your website and wallet…


Deploy Fully Customizable Video Avatars

Deploy fully customizable, interactive video avatars on your website in seconds… without any technical skills!

Video Avatars Address Your Visitors

Hyper intelligent video avatars address your visitors by name, location, time zone… and even speak in their native language!

Dynamically Automated Features

Video avatars can dynamically display personalized content, play and pause videos, plus tons more features…

Watch How Easy This:

Create and deploy intelligent, fully interactive video avatars on your site in seconds…

Get It For Just $79.00 per month $27 – One Time Payment!


Aiwis Commercial Licence

No tech skills or coding. Paste one line of text to deploy your intelligent avatar in seconds!

Works on any device and browser, including mobile!

100% cloud based. Nothing to download, ever!

Say Goodbye To Annoying Pop Ups, Overlays And “Dumb” Video Avatars…

… and start turning cold visitors into red hot leads, subscribers and buyers today!

If you thought pop ups, overlays, chat boxes or talking avatars were the most powerful tools for turning visitors into cash… you were right… for a while… but now Aiwis brings you interactive, multi—language, hyper intelligent video avatars that put your list building on steroids and send your sales through the roof!

If you’re sick of spending time and money driving traffic to your website that doesn’t convert into leads, subscribers or sales… then Aiwis is a revolutionary new tool that’s going to change everything, allowing you to…

Turbo-Boost Your Optins, Affiliate Income, Ad Revenue Or Sales Overnight!

Now you can quickly create your very own sales-getting A.I avatar who personally meets and greets your visitors by name, location, time and in their own native speaking language… then interacts with them to increase optins, lower bounce rates, consume content or click your buy buttons!

Step 1

Choose what you want your avatar to do when people arrive on your website…

Step 2

Type in what you want it to say…

Step 3

Then sit back and watch your avatars go to work!

It’s The Same Secret That Retail Stores Have Been Using For Decades To Turn Browsers Into Buyers!

Ever noticed how you’re greeted by an assistant every time you walk into a retail store… asking you questions, showing you where stuff is, and guiding you to the cash register?

There’s a reason why this happens… because retail stores know if you’re left to “browse” you’ll probably just turn around and leave the store without buying anything at all.

It’s the same with your website if your visitors aren’t greeted and guided to take action, they’re more likely to leave… poof… gone!

Now you can leverage the same sales—getting tactic that retail stores have been using for years to turn passers by into buyers… by deploying an interactive avatar who personally greets your visitors when they arrive at your website, leads them to take action all while you’re sleeping or playing at the beach with your kids!

And when I say personally greeting your visitors I’m not kidding. Aiwis pulls in data from your visitor’s social media accounts, autoresponder and I.P address to…

Automatically Address Each Visitor By Their First Name, Location And Local Time!

If you thought personalization was just for autoresponders or landing pages, think again… now you can have realistic, human sounding video avatars welcoming your visitors by their name, location and their local time resulting in devastatingly powerful lead generation, list building and unstoppable sales, like you’ve never seen before…

Using advanced tech, your avatar will cleverly pull in information from your visitor’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your own autoresponder, and other sources such as their IP address… to create hyper relevant messages that suck in your visitors like a tractor beam, and effortlessly turn them into leads, subscribers and buyers on a level that other avatar tools can’t!

It Can Even Insert Personalized Content Into Optin Forms, Coupon Codes And More, For Competition Crushing Leads And Sales!

Video Avatars That Learn Your Visitor’s Behavior To Send Your Optins And Sales Through The Roof!

With Aiwis, your video avatars can monitor the behavior of your visitors in real time, to deliver tailored messages that create insane optins, and sky-high sales. For example, you can present different marketing messages and content, depending on the page they’re on… or what they did previously on your site…

Your Avatars Can Automatically Play, Pause And Resume Videos On Your Site For Off—The—Charts Leads, Optins And Sales…

Tired of people ignoring your videos, or dropping off too early? With Aiwis, you can instantly deploy avatars that can play, pause, delay, stop and restart videos for your visitors… sending your views, optins, leads and sales through the roof. Just imagine the possibilities…

This is just one of thousands of ways you can combine the power of video and A.I avatars to turn more of your visitors into leads, subscribers and sales. This is never—been—done—before video technology that can help you get more views, more clicks and more sales from your videos, starting tonight! As you can see, AIWIS 2.0 is the most cutting-edge video presenter on the market, and perfect for video marketers. With Aiwis you can even…

Dynamically Switch To Your Visitor’s Language To Send Optins, Leads And Sales Through The Roof!

Did you know that 98% of visitors will leave your website when it’s not in their language? What if you could auto-translate everything, audio and video, into your visitor’s language?

Introducing Dynamic Language Intelligence…

… something NO ONE has ever done before! AIWIS is the world’s first web AI that can DYNAMICALLY change voiceover from one language to another, depending on the country your visitor comes from.

Write “Text-to-Speech” messages in English… and AIWIS will automatically detect which language your visitor speaks… and dynamically translate your messages into lifelike speech in up to 25 of the most spoken languages in the world.

This is so advanced, it makes Google’s ‘translate this page’ function seem like the Stone Age!

This doesn’t just change the text of your website into another language, like Google translate does… this is your visitor hearing actual human sounding voices in their native language… asking questions, presenting videos and so much more… keeping visitors glued to your site, clicking links, subscribing and buying like crazy!

It’s like having your own personal translator, speaking to your foreign visitors in their language, offering them a “virtual tour guide” while personally leading them to take action on your site!

Imagine the possibilities… now you can quietly tap into over 25 foreign speaking markets that your competitors are completely shut out from and scoop up hoards of leads, subscribers and customers, without any of the usual competition!

Choose From 46 Different Accents And 4 Realistic, Glitch—Free Voices (Boy, Girl, Man And Woman!)

Choose an original AIWIS avatar or select from a family of 5 super cute robot characters.

Or if you prefer, you can skip the avatar and simply use “Text-to-Speech” voiceovers on your site to automatically greet and guide people to take action verbally instead.

You can even have different video avatars on different pages of your site… all intelligently interacting with your audience for out-of-this-world optins, leads and sales.

The best part is, you can…

Create And Deploy Sales-Getting Video Avatars On Your Website In 3 Simple Steps!

Create Your Behavior Trail

Use the intuitive interface to create a “behavior trail” for your avatar. This is simply a set of actions you want the avatar to take when somebody lands on your site.

Click To Generate Code Snippet

Just tap a button and grab the simple line of code, ready to drop into your website.

Copy & Paste Code Into Your Site

Paste the code into your site, following the easy, simple instructions inside your dashboard. It’s the same way you add Google Analytics. No coding skill or special tools needed!

That’s it… now you have the latest, smartest A.I technology working tirelessly for you… 24/7… to convert your visitors into leads, subscribers and sales like crazy…


Annoying pop ups


Clever copywriting


Conversion rate experts


Chat boxes (that everybody ignores!)

You’re In Full Control…

Drag, drop, point and click your way to customized video avatars that behave exactly how you want, when you want, where you want.

Aiwis is simple to use… just follow the prompts and step by step process to easily design avatars for every scenario.

Get It For Just $79.00 per month $27 – One Time Payment!


Aiwis Commercial Licence

No tech skills or coding. Paste one line of text to deploy your intelligent avatar in seconds!

Works on any device and browser, including mobile!

100% cloud based. Nothing to download, ever!

Warning: Pop Ups And Overlays Could Be Draining Your Wallet

(and quietly killing your business)

If you didn’t already know… Google is now penalizing websites that use pop ups and overlays… especially if you’re running AdWords ads. Now Facebook is doing the same… penalizing advertisers who send traffic to pages with pop ups and overlays or any website that provides a “poor experience.”

Which means… if you’re trying to grab attention, build a list, or get visitors to buy with pop ups or overlays… you’re going to be paying more per click… while your reach continues to decline. You can fix this fast… by replacing pop ups and overlays with hyper smart video avatars… turning your website into a “sales engine” that Facebook and Google love!

But what about those trusty old chat boxes…?

Aiwis Puts Chat Boxes To Shame!

Hey, chat boxes can work, but when it comes to converting visitors into leads, subscribers and sales, they don’t come close to the power of Aiwis. Here’s why:

Not all visitors will see or use a chat box

especially people with eyesight problems or anyone who hates typing

Chat boxes aren’t great on mobile platforms

not all mobile devices are able to support live chat applications

Chat boxes are easy to ignore

with one click, people close the box and you’ve lost them forever

Chat boxes have limited features

your chat box can reply with canned responses, but can it show visitors content that they’re most likely to read or watch?

I could go on, but I think you get the idea… now let’s look at even more reasons why Aiwis is so freakin’ awesome…

Stop Your Visitors Leaving Early

With a few clicks, you can program your video avatars to detect when a visitor is leaving the browser and present them with special content, messages, opt-in forms, coupons, or anything you like.

Rapidly Reduce Cart Abandonment

Use Aiwis video avatars to personally interact with your shoppers all the way through the buying process… reminding them that stocks are limited… or their coupon is about to expire… or what they need to do on each page… or sharing positive reviews to keep their trust… or simply showing how safe and secure your payment system is… then sit back and watch, as you dramatically reduce cart abandonment!

Cutting—Edge Lip Sync Technology

…for Smoother, Lifelike And Engaging Video Avatars.

Say goodbye to cold, impersonal websites. Now you can build trust and warm up your visitors with engaging, eye—grabbing, relatable video avatars that drive optins, leads and sales like you’ve never seen before.

Works Seamlessly On All Websites And Ecommerce Platforms

Here’s Why Aiwis Is Becoming The #1 Choice For Marketers Who Need Their Traffic To Convert…

Easy to use

The visual dashboard makes it easy to create any kind of avatar, saying and doing whatever you want, when you want, in a matter of minutes. No coding, no learning curves. Just drag, drop, point, click and you’re done.

No technical skills or coding

Just paste one line of text into your website, where we tell you, and you’re done. No digging around in the code. No weird plugins or software. It couldn’t be any easier.

100% cloud based, no downloads

Quickly create, customize and manage your video avatars on any device or browser, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Reach a world of new audiences

Personally greet your visitors and guide them to take action in their native language! Forget Google translate. Aiwis converts everything into their language, in a human sounding voice that’s hard to ignore. Now you can tap into a world of foreign speaking audiences that your competitors are missing.

Unrivalled A.I for insane optins, leads and sales

Truly personal A.I messaging technology grabs attention, shows visitors relevant content depending on their previous visit, presents videos while pausing at key points to ask viewers questions, addresses visitors by their name, location and time zone and leads them to subscribe, email, call or buy on the spot.

Aiwis video avatars work perfectly on any device or browser

Whether your visitors are on PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, your avatars are guaranteed to work perfectly, every time.

Fresh reviews for Aiwis 2.0…

It doesn’t matter what business or niche you’re in… Aiwis is designed to set your optins, leads and sales on fire…

Affiliate Marketers

Use AIWIS on your review pages, landing pages, on your blog etc., to tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do, and convert them into huge affiliate commissions.

Product creators

Use AIWIS on your sales pages to ‘present’ your offer. Wow your visitors, gain their trust and guide them through to a sale. You can expect a dramatic increase in profits!

Bricks and mortar owners

Use AIWIS on your business website to offer discounts, join mailing lists for special offers etc. All businesses can benefit from increased engagement.

Ecommerce entrepreneur

Use AIWIS to guide your visitor around your store, make purchase suggestions, and offer discount coupons at checkout to drastically reduce cart abandonment.

Social media marketers

Use AIWIS to encourage visitors to follow, tweet, comment and share content. AIWIS is so unique that people will share, just so that other people can see AIWIS in action!


Use AIWIS as a helping hand on your site, showing your visitors what to read and view, inviting them onto your list for future updates, and showcasing special offers.

Offline consultants

Implement AIWIS onto your clients’ websites to magically increase engagement, clicks, leads, shares and sales….and charge them a fat monthly fee for the privilege!

Marketing agencies

Add a brand-new money—making service to your agency and become a conversion super hero for your clients, charging big bucks to deploy Aiwis on their websites in seconds!

Internet Marketers

Use AIWIS on your websites, landing pages, and squeeze pages for an instant boost to opt-ins and sales.

Any business

Whatever business you’re in…

… Aiwis allows you to finally control the conversion, by transforming your “one—way” website into an interactive experience that turns visitors into leads, subscribers and customers like never before…

Without Any Tech Skills, Creativity, Backbreaking Work Or Wasting Thousands Of Dollars!

You don’t need to learn copywriting or conversion rate optimization

You don’t need to buy expensive software subscriptions…

You don’t need to redesign your website…

You don’t need to create new content…

You don’t need to learn code or screw with your website…

You don’t need to hire experts…

And you don’t need more traffic!

With Aiwis video avatars, you can explode your sales without increasing your traffic… thanks to hyper intelligent, fully interactive A.I that engages your visitors on a personal level and in their native language while effortlessly guiding them to optin, call, visit or buy whatever you’re selling. So, are you…

Ready to turn your website into an unstoppable “sales engine” that finally brings you the leads, subscribers and customers you deserve?

Deploy customizable, fully interactive video avatars on your website in seconds… without any technical skills!

Turn your website into an unstoppable “sales engine” that’s Facebook and Google friendly!

Cutting—edge lip sync technology for smoother, lifelike and engaging video avatars

Interact with your visitors depending on their behavior!

Works for any niche, any business and any website!

Automatically present videos to your visitors… pause the video to ask your viewers a question… then resume the video!

Choose from 46 different accents, and a choice of 4 male and female voices (boy, girl, man and woman!)

Greet each visitor personally by their first name, location and local time

Works on any device and browser, including mobile!

Reduce cart abandonment and lower bounce rates!

Dynamically switch to your visitor’s language to send optins, leads and sales through the roof!

No tech skills or coding. Paste one line of text to deploy your intelligent avatar in seconds!

Turbo-boost your optins, affiliate income, ad revenue or sales overnight!

Works seamlessly all website and ecommerce platforms!

100% cloud based. Nothing to download, ever!

Plus, Inside Your Aiwis Dashboard
You’ll Get Access To:

Complete Training

Full documentation and step by step video training

Webinars and Resources

Access to exclusive regular webinars, sharing tricks, ideas and other cool ideas to leverage video avatars for insane leads, optins and sales, day after day

24/7 Support

Full support, 7 days a week

Get It For Just $79.00 per month $27 – One Time Payment!


Aiwis Commercial Licence

No tech skills or coding. Paste one line of text to deploy your intelligent avatar in seconds!

Works on any device and browser, including mobile!

100% cloud based. Nothing to download, ever!

Can You Afford To Ignore This Futuristic Technology?

You can have great content, brilliant blog posts, incredibly engaging videos, an amazing offer and even a ton of traffic…and your website can still fail – why? You can’t control how visitors interact with your website.

You have to hope that someone subscribes, calls, emails or buys what you’re selling… If you were in the same room with your customer, you’d be able to verbally guide them to your optin boxes, coupons, buy buttons, special offers or killer video content.

That’s exactly what AIWIS is designed to do… personally interacting with your visitors and leading them to take action!

Ultimately, Aiwis gives you the power to be in control of how every visitor interacts with your site, so you can turn more visitors into subscribers, leads and sales starting tonight.

So, The Choice Is Yours…

Do you want to keep throwing money at ads, slaving away over SEO and social media, desperately driving traffic… then watching in agony as people just bounce off your site, never to return?

Do you want to keep working harder, longer hours, creating better copy and awesome content, testing endless variables… hoping you’ll finally see a small increase in website conversions?

Do you really want to keep pouring money into annoying pop ups, overlays, lightboxes that get you penalized in Google and Facebook and raise your ad costs?

And do you really need that cheesy avatar that’s dumber than Kayne West and Kim Kardashian’s offspring?

Every day, you’re losing valuable traffic that you’ll never get back. Isn’t it time to plug the leaks, and turn your website into a marketing machine that rapidly grows your list, leads and sales instead?

Here’s what can happen to your bank account when you deploy these hyper—intelligent video avatars on your website…

By jolting your conversion rate just by 8%… you can leap from a measly $140 to $700 per week! If that’s not worth investing a few small bucks, I don’t know what is!

Act NOW to get instant access to Aiwis 2.0 and start deploying unlimited video avatars on unlimited sites…

Get It For Just $79.00 per month $27 – One Time Payment!


Aiwis Commercial Licence

Note: This price is only available during the introductory period. After this period,
this discount will end forever, and Aiwis will only be available at a much higher price of at least $79 per month.

No tech skills or coding. Paste one line of text to deploy your intelligent avatar in seconds!

Works on any device and browser, including mobile!

100% cloud based. Nothing to download, ever!

PLUS: Order within the next 5 minutes to lock in these incredible high value bonuses…

3 Highly-Engaging AIWIS Characters

You already have a choice of 6 AIWIS avatars; the original avatar, and a family of 5 adorable robot characters. Through extensive research, we’ve found that robot characters out-perform human-like 3D characters in terms of engagement and likeability.
So, as a bonus, you’ll get not one, nor two…but 3 EXTRA robot characters, ready to wow your visitors, gather information and automatically guide them to subscribe, contact or buy from you.

AIWIS secret tips and tricks

We’ve created AIWIS to be so intuitive to set up and use, you don’t need any training whatsoever. However, we have a secret vault of awesome tips, tricks and techniques that really push AIWIS to the next level.

Get a sneak peek into how we, and other AIWIS customers, are using AI technology to drive leads, traffic, sales and profits.

Let us show you exactly how we’re deploying AIWIS on our sites, so you can copy and profit what works 100%!

AIWIS Behavior Trails Store Listings

Each website is unique, which is why AIWIS allows you to tailor AIWIS to your exact needs. However, success leaves clues. Perhaps you’ve created an ultra-successful Behavior Trail that is getting you insane amounts of engagement, shares, subscribers or sales? Just like how you would sell a high-converting sales funnel on ClickFunnels Marketplace, now you can sell your high-converting Behavior Trails to other AIWIS users!

Join us today, and you’ll get unlimited access to the Behavior Trails Store, where you can upload as many Behavior Trails as you like and generate a lucrative second income!

Done-For-You AIWIS Behavior Trails

You can take massive shortcuts to sky-high engagement, leads and sales by buying tried-and-tested, ready-to-deploy Behavior Trails from other AIWIS users inside Behavior Trails Store. AIWIS has a large repository of ready-made Behavior Trails, in standard marketing objectives, such as offering discounts, getting subscribers, getting shares etc… there’s no need to hire writers!

However, to thank you for being an early adopter of AIWIS 2.0, we will give you access to XX proven-to-convert Behavior Trails, free of charge! This is the ultimate “copy & paste” route to more leads, optins and sales from your website.

Don’t miss out — we’re about to shut this special offer down, forever!


[VALUE: $197.00]

LIVE TRAINING – Traffic Mastery

You’ve got the sales—getting technology. Now it’s time to flood your website with tons of targeted buyers using a little—known trick we’ve been quietly using for over a year to syphon traffic from one of the biggest websites in the world. And it works in just 10 minutes and totally for free! This is too good to share in public. So if you need server melting traffic, don’t leave it to chance. Buy Aiwis 2.0 today and you’re getting a front row seat to an exclusive live webinar event, where we’ll walk you through this traffic-getting secret, step by step.

Get It For Just $79.00 per month $27 – One Time Payment!


Aiwis Commercial Licence

No tech skills or coding. Paste one line of text to deploy your intelligent avatar in seconds!

Works on any device and browser, including mobile!

100% cloud based. Nothing to download, ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

This won’t work for my site or niche!

Yes, it will. We’ve seen video avatars being used in all kinds of niches, from Chiropractor websites to high end tech companies, to freelance writer blogs. The fact is, avatars give your visitors a more relevant, useful, personal and “guided” experience that turns them into subscribers, leads and sales like nothing else can … no matter what you’re selling, or who you’re selling to. Take it for a 30-day test drive and prove us wrong — we guarantee you’ll love the results, or it’s free!

Does it work on PC and mac?

Yes. Aiwis is 100% cloud based, so you can use it on any device, browser or operating system. And your video avatars will display and work perfectly on any device or system too.

Does it work on mobile?

Yes. We’ve designed this breakthrough technology with mobile in mind, because we both know that mobile is where the world’s attention is right now… and we know that our video avatars and software need to work perfectly on any size mobile device, and any mobile operating system.

Don’t have much traffic, will it still work?

Yes. In fact, Aiwis is PERFECT if you’re struggling to get traffic. It allows you to quickly ramp your conversion rates, and squeeze more leads, subscribers and sales out of even the tiniest dribbles of traffic!

Does it work in all countries?

Yes. Aiwis can work anywhere in the world and can create video avatars that speak to your visitors in their native language. It can currently convert any written text into a human sounding voice, in up to 25 languages!

Do I have to pay hosting fees?

No. You only pay a one—time fee for access to Aiwis. We’ll take care of all the hidden running costs, so you can deploy intelligent video avatars, working 24/7 to bring you more leads, subscribers and sales!

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