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Calling All Consultants & Agencies!

Would You Like To WOW Your Clients By Adding Revolutionary AIWIS 2.0 To Their Sites?

You Could Easily Charge $47+ Per Client Per Month!

AIWIS Commercial License

THIS Is How To Set Yourself Apart And Get The Upper Hand On Every Other Online Marketing Consultant Or Agency In The Area!

Aiwis Commercial Licence
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(Warning – AIWIS Commercial License is at a special launch price. When the launch ends, the price for this WILL increase.)




Let us allow you to install AIWIS on:

Unlimited number of your own sites

Unlimited client sites

Hi again,

By now we’re sure you’re feeling mega excited at what AIWIS could do for your

There are lots of plugins and software out there, but there are very few tools which
make you money simply by setting it up!

So, imagine if you could utilize the cutting edge, sales generating power of AIWIS on as many websites as you like…

Whether they are your own sites or clients’ sites (or both!)

Install AIWIS Onto UNLIMITED Number Of Your Own Websites, Blogs And Pages

No matter what kind of website or blog you have, every site needs engagement.

Whether you need subscribers, leads, social shares, or sales, AIWIS has got your back, and is chatting and influencing your visitors to take the action that you want them to take.

With The AIWIS commercial license, you can now add AIWIS to every single one
of your sites
….no matter how many you have, and what niches they are in.

Install AIWIS Onto UNLIMITED Client Sites – Charge Each Client $47+ Monthly Recurring With No Extra Work On Your Part

That’s right! AIWIS is so revolutionary, your clients will fall off their seats when they see it in action!

And when they realize how many extra leads and sales they are going to get,
just by having AIWIS installed, and without spending an extra cent on marketing or traffic, they’ll be begging you to sign them up.

The best thing is, AIWIS only takes about 10 minutes to install…

After that, there’s not much else you need to do, apart from sit back and watch passive monthly payments drop into your bank account.

With just ONE client, you can get back your investment in LESS THAN 2

Install AIWIS Onto UNLIMITED Sites To Flip/Sell

How easy do you think it will be to sell sites with the world’s first web artificial intelligence installed?

Instantly, you’ll set yourself apart from all the other sellers who are trying to sell sites with the typical flashy graphics, avatars and themes…

When your potential customers realize your sites come complete with state-of-the-art, responsive web AI, they’ll be more than happy to pay over the odds for this kind of futuristic technology…

And you’ll be leaving all the other site sellers eating your dust!

Keep this in mind: This is NOT an essential upgrade…

This Is The Route To Take If:

Now, we could easily charge a monthly recurring fee for this commercial license…

Even then, this would still be a bargain, as you could utilize AIWIS on as many sites as you like!

But, to thank you for being an early adopter of AIWIS 2.0, we’ve decided to allow you to install AIWIS on as many sites as you like for an extremely low one-time price of just $67.

Get Started NOW!

Click the Access button below and add AIWIS Commercial License to your order….

Aiwis Commercial Licence
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Remember, you’re totally protected by my 30 day money-back guarantee:

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